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Volume 3, Issue 1, January - March 2011

Review Article  
Benzothiazole: Different Methods of Synthesis and Diverse Biological Activities ----------------------------------------
P S Yadav, Devprakash, Senthilkumar G P
Amylose Rich Starch as an Aqueous Based Pharmaceutical Coating Material - Review -----------------------------
H. Dureja, S. Khatak, M. Khatak, M. Kalra
Research Article  
Optimization and Validation of Modulated Release Formulation of Ranitidine HCl by Response Surface Methodology----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bijay Kumar Sahoo, Amiya Kumar Mishra, Tapan Kumar Pal
Formulation and Characterization of Fast Disintegrating Tablet of Aceclofenac by using Sublimation Method--
Kalpesh Gaur , Lalit K. Tyagi , M. L. Kori , C. S. Sharma, R. K. Nema
Formulation and Characterization of Matrix and Triple-Layer matrix tablets for Controlled Delivery of Metoprolol tartrate---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Izhar Ahmed Syed, Lakshmi Narsu Mangamoori, Yamsani Madhusudan Rao
Antimicrobial Activity of Whole Plant of Luffa cylindrica (Linn) Against Some Common Pathogenic Micro-organisms------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
R. Indumathy, D. Satheesh Kumar, Kolagani pallavi, G. Sashikala Devi
In-vitro Antibacterial Efficacy of Solvent Extracts of Leaves of Bauhinia racemosa Lam. (Caesalpiniaceae) Against Enteric Bacterial Pathogens--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
S. B. Dahikar, S. A. Bhutada, D. H. Tambekar, S. K. Vibhute, S. B. Kasture
Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory Activity of Ammomum subulatum Fruit Extract-------------------------------------------
Alam K, Pathak D, Ansari S. H.
Sensitive and Rapid HPLC Method for the Determination of Pioglitazone in Rat Serum-------------------------------
CH Ravikanth, A Anil Kumar, V Uday Kiran, S Prashanth, B Madhu, Y Narsimha Reddy
Evaluation of Cataract Preventive Action of Phycocyanin-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kothadia AD, Shenoy AM, Shabaraya AR, Rajan MS, Viradia UM, Patel NH
Evaluation of Anti-anxiety Activity of Actaea spicata Linn. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Reecha Madaan, Anupam Sharma
Comparison of the Antioxidant Capacity of an Important Hepatoprotective Plants---------------------------------------
Vivek Kumar R, Satish Kumar, Shashidhara S, Anitha S, Manjula M
Simultaneous Estimation of Fluoxetine HCl and Olanzapine in Bulk Drug and Pharmaceutical Formulation by Using UV-Visible Spectroscopy Method------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rubesh kumar S, P Gayathri, Duganath N, Kiran CH, Sridhar C, Jayaveera K N
Optimization of Extraction Conditions and Development of a Sensitive HPTLC Method for Estimation of Wedelolactone in different extracts of Eclipta alba.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kulkarni Savita, Khatwani Prakashchandra
A Validated HPTLC Method for Simultaneous Quantification of Nebivolol and Hydrochlorothiazide in Bulk and Tablet Formulation-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
S. T. Kumbhar, G. K. Chougule, V. S. Tegeli, G. B. Gajeli, Y. S. Thorat, U. S. Shivsharan
Evaluation of Clinical Efficacy and Tolerance of Khasceeze –SF Cough Syrup-------------------------------------------
S Satam, R Jain, J Dagaonkar, C Chotalia, A Suthar, R Joshi
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